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What's your take on this referee argument with a parent?

I am an Assignor.  I have a strict rule. You do not address parents.  You have the coach address them.  She would not receive additional games from me. The only thing she did right was asking the players to go to the bench area.  

Agreed with the last post. In my opinion, this seems like the referee in general does not put with crap. I get it and that's a great thing. However, this kind of response and attitude is not needed. Ask and Dismiss should have been the approach. Great thing about this is that no one got hurt, no fights, no whose forearms are bigger than whose. If that referee is on this forum, as a word of advice just calmly tell the parent enough is enough. If the parent keeps going on get the coach involved then dismiss. Do what you can at the lowest level if you can.

She could have managed it much better.

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