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Interesting IFK given after AYSO goalie saves the PK.

Would you agree with the referee decision here?


While the referees decision according to the LOTG is correct, the way he managed the situation was horrible.  As far as a player swapping places with the GK, this is allowed as long as it’s during a stoppage of play, and done with the permission of the referee. (See Law 3) Once the girl took the penalty kick, the ball was immediately in play. The goalkeeper of the opposing team made a save, and picked up the ball which is still in play. The players on her team ran to her to celebrate making the save. While doing so she dropped the ball to hug her fellow teammates. Once the GK puts the ball down, it is put in play and is free to be challenged by the opposing team. She is not allowed to pick it back up which is what she did. This is an offense and the proper restart is an IFK. See Law 11 which states a goalkeeper can not touch the ball again unless it is touched by another player.  The most glaring thing to take from this video is the girls are clearly poorly coached. At this age they should know most of the laws, and they obviously didn’t.  This is an excellent post though, and a good video for young referees to analyze. 

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Yes, this was poor performance indeed. Glad he has the laws correct, but it was at times painful to watch. Well, we all have to start somewhere.

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While I agree it is painful to watch I think that is more due to the level of play than referee performance.  He could have been more crisp but he ultimately got them to play correctly, was patient and calm and seems to have managed it well for this level of play. imho this game got what it needed. 

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