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Help for Buying a New Bag

Hello all,
I currently own the OSI Superior Black Bag, perfect since I like lots of smaller pockets along with one large area for flags, jerseys, etc. However, after recently acquiring all ten shirts I found it difficult to fit everything in my bag. I typically carry:
10 USSF jerseys (5 long, 5 short)
2 pairs of shorts
2 pairs of socks
2 flag cases
An "accessory kit"(Gear organizer with cards, whistles, watches, wristbands, wallet, badge, and pencils)
Warm-up shirts
Extra pair of shoes
Extra report forms
Spare whistle
Gloves, hat, and ear muffs
Local league rules
Extra set of cards
Extra pens/pencils
LOTG book
Cell Phone
Blank Notebook
Lightning Detector

I'm looking for a rolling black bag that is not too long, but is long enough to fit my flags, and deep enough to stack jerseys in Ziploc bags with flags and a pair of shoes on top. Would like one large compartment and 4 smaller pockets. Unable to use Adidas, as I do Development Academy Games. I don't really like the shoe tunnel design. Thanks in advance as I cannot reply since I don't have FaceBook.

Try the bags here: the BD one is great.

Yeah, these bags are great!

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