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Horrible tackle that deserves more than a Red?

*Viewer Discretion is Advised*

Does red shirt deserve more than a Red Card? Should he get suspended or was this all a mistake and should've been a Yellow instead? 


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The tackle doesn't appear so bad as the description makes it out to be. The player makes contact with his opponent's shins using his shin as opposed to his studs to the ankle or something like that. Sure, he comes in at speed and launches himself off the ground, so it is evidently a case of Serious Foul Play; but I have seen technically worse tackles be cautioned. This one looks worse because the player is hurt.

That being said, I have huge questions about the referee in this video. We can see that when the GK collects the ball, he hangs around toward the PA instead of hurrying to get higher up the pitch in anticipation of the next phase of play. This causes him to be some 40 yards or more away from the incident when it happens and there seems to be next to zero urgency in his movement or body language in getting to the incident after the fact. From a technical, as well as man and game management, standpoint, this is really poor refereeing--even if he makes the correct decision.

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