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Is it time for in-game video review?

b2ap3_thumbnail_Blatter.jpgAs regular readers of our blog know, we at SoccerRefereeUSA have been at the forefront of the argument that technology – or more precisely a smart and judicious use of technology – is good for the game.  Thus, for example, we were very early advocates for the use of the goal-line technology (GLT).  Just to underscore this point, you can read our blogs on this subject here, here, here and here.


The successful implementation of the GLT technology at the last World Cup in Brazil, and its continuous and successful use in the English Premier League, prove that the our advocacy and analysis was spot-on and that the critics’ arguments that the game would be somehow forever changed for the worse unfounded. 


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Countdown to the World Cup Final: Let’s Hope for a Memorable Match… for the Right Reasons!

b2ap3_thumbnail_The-World-Cup-014.jpgOK, so maybe I am a bit too self-confident when it comes to time management.


Before I jet off to Chicago at the crack of dawn on Friday to attend – of all things –  the 25th reunion of my college graduation, I sat down on Thursday evening to share my thoughts and observations of the 2014 Brazil FIFA World Cup.


That’s right.  On the 15th anniversary of the United States’ triumph in the 1999 FIFA Women’s World Cup Final just down the street in Pasadena, I am at my desk pounding out my 14th career blog on  And, although I am filled with excitement for Sunday’s big game, I won’t be pulling off my jersey (or scoring the decisive tiebreaker kick from the penalty mark) any time soon.


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World Cup Match 53: For Geiger & Crew, 3rd time’s a Charm… Or is it?

b2ap3_thumbnail_ref.jpgUnlike the rest of the United States, I didn’t get to watch either of Monday’s World Cup Round of 16 matches live.


Living in the coolest neighborhood in the USA comes at a price (yes, I have a day job… and since you asked, I have NO IDEA why I was allowed to move into Silver Lake).  You might have read that Anthony Gonzalez, lead musician behind M83 (does programmed music have a lead musician?) just bought the home of my neighbor and longtime friend (that I have yet to meet) Mayor Eric (potty mouth Kings fan) Garcetti.


Proof positive: When properly motivated, thirty-somethings like Mr. Gonzalez can attain an amazing level of success.


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Would more technology help the Refs? Is a Television Match Official (TMO) now inevitable in soccer?

Arjen-Robbens-theatricsFIFA has had to be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century. It was a long hard battle but finally they’ve done it. They’ve brought in goal line technology (GLT) and introduced a system that has been in operation in other sports for many years – the white spray - at the World Cup in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.


The GLT clearly indicates to the referee whether the whole of the ball has crossed over the goal line either in the air or on the ground, between the uprights and under the crossbar.


This system gives conclusive evidence if a goal has been legally scored or not.


The spray indicates where the ball is to be placed; in other words where the incident occurred and from where the referee has concluded that a free kick is to be awarded to the attacking team.


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World Cup Match 19: Less panache, but a 2nd effective performance for Geiger & Crew

b2ap3_thumbnail_geigerwc.pngLeave it to Spain to grab headlines again on the world’s stage.  How the mighty have fallen, or as ESPN commentator Ian Darke expressed in the waning moments of today’s match: “The kings of soccer have abdicated.”


GROUP B, Match 19

18 Jun 2014 - 16:00 CET

Estádio do Maracanã, Rio de Janeiro





Referee: Mark GEIGER (USA)

Assistant Referee 1: Sean Mark HURD (USA)

Assistant Referee 2: Joe FLETCHER (CAN)

Fourth Official: Nawaf SHUKRALLA (BHR)


Spoiler Alert:  Players win games.  Coaches lose games.  Referees spoil games… but not today.  Although it wasn’t always “poetry in motion,” our North American hybrid crew was again effective with their decisions and presence on the pitch.


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