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“Vultures” gather at every opportunity referee makes a mistake.

Referee BennetI’ve said it many, many times before and I will repeat it again in case some have not heard or read it.


Referees are human, and humans make mistakes. Sorry for being human.


The performance by one referee from South Africa, Daniel Bennett, in an African Cup of Nations recently was roundly criticized by many people. Some of the criticism was justified as he did make a couple of mistakes which according to the “experts” nearly cost one team their place in the quarter-finals.




Please remember when you criticize that you need to be objective, unbiased, knowledgeable and fair.


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With excellent refereeing in the background, Brazil defeats Spain in the Confederations Cup Final.

Neymar goalThis was a heavily anticipated game and just about everyone hoped to see Brazil and Spain in the Confederations Cup Final.  On one hand, you had Brazil, the host and the defending champions of the Confederations Cup and, on the other, Spain, the reigning champions of Europe and current champions of the FIFA World Cup.  You really could not hope for a more marquee match-up.   And the expectations were more than met.


The game began at a frantic pace.  The fans were loud and provided great atmosphere.  They did not have to wait for too long to see the first goal.  It came only after 96 seconds.  It was the fastest goal scored in the Confederations Cup tournament.   The goal came after a bit of a scrappy play.  The ball was played into the penalty area and Fred appeared to have missed it with his head but then Neymar, who was at the far post behind Fred, played it back into the danger zone in the goal kick area.  Just when it seemed that Iker Casillas was going to smother the ball, Fred, who was down on the ground, somehow beat him to the ball and powered it into Spain’s goal.  Spain found itself in an unlikely situation trailing 0:1 only after less than two minutes of play.


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Referees - stop cozying up to players and team officials!

Referee cozying up to playerIf there’s one thing that really annoys me it’s seeing referees “cozying” up to players and team officials. This can be seen before, during, and after matches, and particularly in the UK.


This idea that we shake hands before a game is as hypocritical as it is unnecessary and if there’s one thing I can’t stand it’s a hypocrite.


I recently saw a referee giving a player a “hand up” in Major League Soccer before giving him a red card (see the video of the incident and how referee Juan Guzman handled the situation below).



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Independent Referee’s Body.

b2ap3_thumbnail_ifabmeeting.jpgI have long been an advocate of an Independent Referee’s Body being set up to control all matters refereeing. This Body should also manage, train, control and promote refereeing in all its forms.


It should be responsible for the recruitment, selection, and discipline of match officials for association football (soccer).


It should be free from all interference from what I call soccer politicians who sometimes appear to have their own agenda and are not thinking of the interests of men and women who go out week after week sometimes at great cost and inconvenience to themselves and their families.


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Referee assault on player not acceptable!

Referee Assaults PlayerIt’s surely a rare occurrence when a match official attacks a player, but that is exactly what happened.


This bizarre incident occurred during a Russian League reserve game in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, a protectorate of Russia


The assistant referee (or linesman as they were once called) ran onto the field and proceeded to assault a player. In the process he (the assistant referee) actually kicked the unfortunate player while he (the player) was on the ground.


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