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Player cheating knows no bounds.

Young diveI was simply shocked and aghast this last weekend at the blatant cheating by Ashley Young who plays for Manchester United.


The tone was set in the 9th minute when a colleague of the aforementioned Mr. Young, French international and United full back Patrice Evra deliberately dove in the opposition’s penalty area in an attempt to fool the referee Jon Moss into giving a penalty. No penalty was given nor was a caution administered.


Later, and not much later, the first of Ashley Young’s dives came.


It happened in the 19th minute and so blatant was the dive that even the commentators, who are quite “coy” when describing the shenanigans of certain players, appeared to be lost for words.

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Offensive & Abusive Language toward referees.

RespectThe use of foul and abusive language in any form is disgusting and unnecessary.


When this verbal diarrhoea is directed at authority and especially referees and their assistants, it is even more despicable.


It’s an affront to authority and is a clear and blatant attempt to intimidate the referee in his decision making.


Law 12 (FOULS AND MISCONDUCT) of the FIFA Laws of the Game (LOTG) states quite clearly and I quote:

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GLT is “born” in the English Premier League.

b2ap3_thumbnail_terryglt.jpgIn case you hadn’t noticed, a seismic shift of monumental proportions occurred last week in the English Premier League (EPL).


After all the hoo-ha about should we, or shouldn’t we, it finally came to being.


What am I talking about? Goal Line Technology (GLT).


The much discussed, much debated and in some cases berated way of confirming whether a goal has been scored or not was officially introduced as far as the English Premier League is concerned.


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Refs - grow a pair and be strong!


Howard WebbIt’s quite disturbing to see the number of match officials, particularly the men-in-the-middle, who appear unable or unwilling to make a decision based on what they see in front of them before, during and after a game.


There are times when it is quite obvious to players, officials and the general public that a serious breach of the Laws of the Game has occurred, yet the match officials appear not to have seen it.


In English slang terms this is called “bottling it.” In other words, the ref “chickened out” and stepped back from doing his job.


In my opinion match officials who engage in this kind of refereeing cowardice should be stood down for at least 3 months and their future in that particular league, and especially if it is in the senior leagues, questioned.


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Soccer and Rugby - as different as chalk and cheese.

Rugby player received yellow card“Football (soccer) is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, rugby is a hooligans’ game played by gentlemen.”


I’m not sure who the originator of that quote was, but reference is made to a man called Walter Carey and is believed to be a quote in relation to the Barbarians rugby club which states “rugby football is a game for gentlemen of all classes, but not for bad sportsmen of any class.”


A man called William Percy “Tottie” Carpmael who founded the Barbarian FC in 1890 was also suggested as the originator.


A more recent explanation comes from a certain Chancellor of Cambridge University in the UK (confessing complete ignorance of all football, regardless of what code), who when asked to sum up a debate between soccer and rugby said “it is clear that one is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans; the other a hooligan’s game played by gentleman.”


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